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On the banks of the river Trent in the Midlands lies Nottingham, which has a population of over a quarter of a million and is England's most rapidly growing city.

The city is centred around Europe's largest surviving medieval market square, which is dominated by it's domed council building housing the country's most powerful bell, nicknamed 'Little John'.

Originally growing from a Saxon settlement, the town was captured and fortified by incoming Vikings in the 9th century. Playing it's part in the English Civil War and the Industrial Revolution the town eventually became best known for it's lace-making.

Nottingham's best loved export and a source of much of it's tourist trade is the country's favourite outlaw, Robin Hood, who is fabled to have made his home in nearby Sherwood Forest during the Middle Ages. Although the Robin Hood legend is just that, a legend, it has not stopped visitors being drawn to the romantic image of the outlaw with a heart of gold.

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